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Following on from their epic tussle a year earlier at the world championships was always going to be a tall order, and so it proved with the highly anticipated rematch proving to be a disappointment for everyone except Carl Lewis.

The reason for this was an injury to Mike Powell, who insisted on competing in the tournament anyway, but meant he was operating at maybe 70%. The pain etched on his face every time he launched himself into the pit was truly heartbreaking.

Lewis again produced a series of excellent jumps and coasted to gold. Had Powell not been injured, this competition would have been fantastic, but Powells injury spoiled the party mood.

The record of 8.95m for the long jump still stands today. Many men have come close to the magic 9m barrier, but no one has beaten it yet. Names like Carl Lewis, Mike Powell and Ivan Pedroso were all capable of producing huge leaps, but getting it all together has thus far eluded them. My guess is the record will be broken at some point just don’t know when.

Carl Lewis can rightly claim to be the greatest long jumper of all time, for his consistency, length of jump and accomplishments in major finals. But I believe he would have truly wanted to be the man to hold the world record too. He came very close over the years, even producing 8.91m albeit wind assisted on that epic night in 1991, but the big one eluded him.

Kids Birthday Parties Need Fun Party Games

For kids birthday parties you need some fun, fun, fun party games. One of the most important ingredients for a kids party is fun activities. Be sure to plan lots of games and craft activities for your young guests.

Play Cotton Ball For Some Cotton Picking Fun

The first game is called Cotton Ball and to play this game you will need two buckets or bowls, two serving spoons and some cotton balls for each team. The idea of this activity is to transfer the cotton balls from one bowl to the other.

Sounds really easy doesn’t it. Well, that would not be fun! So you must add a small degree of difficulty to it. Put all the cotton balls in one bucket or bowl and place the empty one two or three feet away. Get the first player and blindfold them. Hand them the serving spoon. Stand them by the bucket with the cotton balls in it. The idea is to get as many cotton balls from one bowl to the next by scooping them with the serving spoons. The players cannot touch the bowls. Keep it up until everyone has had a turn and the team with the most cotton balls transferred into the second bucket wins.

Crazy Ping Pong Crazy Party Fun

Crazy Ping Pong can be lots of fun. The idea of this crazy game is to hit the ping pong ball into a bucket or box. You need a wall to hit the ball off of. This is a very tough game so make sure you try it and see if it is too difficult for young kids. The kids must hit the ball off a wall and try to get the ping pong balls into the box you have set up.

Get Dressed For Work Party Game

Get Dressed for Work Game is a relay race where the kids have to put on some “Work Clothes”. When all the players of one team have dressed the game is over. You can use ties, shirts, shoes, and socks. Throw enough for each child to have one of each. Put all the clothes in a pile in the middle of the room. When someone signals “Go” all the kids must run to the pile and start to get dressed. Set a timer and let it go off. See how far everyone has gotten by the end of that time. Get the camera out, there are sure to be some silly outfits that you can take a picture of.

The Egg and The Spoon Relay Race

The old Egg and Spoon Race is a fun kids birthday party game. You have your guests balance an egg on a spoon and transport it from one place to another. Some people are very brave and use raw eggs. Others use hard boiled eggs or even plastic eggs. The choice is all yours!

You will need an egg for each team and possibly a couple extras depending on which type of egg you have chosen to use. You will need a spoon for each team too.

Form two teams and make an obstacle course. You can use folding chairs or cardboard boxes along a designated path for each team. Have each team member walk the course going around the obstacles carrying the egg in the spoon. When the player has completed the course they can transfer the egg and spoon to the next person. If the egg drops the player must start at the beginning again. Anytime the egg falls, that player should go back to the starting point, get a new egg and following the obstacle race all over again. This is a fun game to watch and if you decide to use raw eggs wait until you see the kids faces when an egg drops!

Kids birthday parties are the perfect venue for fun party games. And the more fun these games are the more fun your party guests will have. Fun, fun, fun is what a party is all about! Try to make your games fit the ages of your guests. If a game is too easy or too difficult it is not that much fun. Make sure to have plenty of game prizes for your party guests too.