Summer – More Fun and Games

Following on from their epic tussle a year earlier at the world championships was always going to be a tall order, and so it proved with the highly anticipated rematch proving to be a disappointment for everyone except Carl Lewis.

The reason for this was an injury to Mike Powell, who insisted on competing in the tournament anyway, but meant he was operating at maybe 70%. The pain etched on his face every time he launched himself into the pit was truly heartbreaking.

Lewis again produced a series of excellent jumps and coasted to gold. Had Powell not been injured, this competition would have been fantastic, but Powells injury spoiled the party mood.

The record of 8.95m for the long jump still stands today. Many men have come close to the magic 9m barrier, but no one has beaten it yet. Names like Carl Lewis, Mike Powell and Ivan Pedroso were all capable of producing huge leaps, but getting it all together has thus far eluded them. My guess is the record will be broken at some point just don’t know when.

Carl Lewis can rightly claim to be the greatest long jumper of all time, for his consistency, length of jump and accomplishments in major finals. But I believe he would have truly wanted to be the man to hold the world record too. He came very close over the years, even producing 8.91m albeit wind assisted on that epic night in 1991, but the big one eluded him.